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Re: Creating a Debian rootfs for a keyboardless PDA

+++ Laurens Van Houtven [2009-08-22 01:15 +0200]:
> How much of this stuff could I safely steal from wing-linux and
> gizard? These two distros are Gentoo-based, but AFAIK Debian and
> Gentoo's way of organizing initlevels is entirely different.

No idea. If you don't know what these files should look like on your
device then just steal copies from Debian.

The balloon3-config stuff can be seen here:

That package puts in new:

and does a few random things like set root password, turn off IPv6,
make sh dash, and make urandom random.

The only bit of this you _need_ to boot is probably the inittab and
the fstab. hosts and hostname are also a good idea.

The rest is our local config. Most devices will need some specific
confg along these lines. Fixing the standard debian scripts to DTRT
would be better than these config-machine packages, but something like
fstab is always likely to be quite device-specific. 

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