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Native build support in Grip

I've been able to build a few packages natively on an Emdebian Grip box
now. (My Acer Aspire1 running Emdebian Grip Squeeze on i386.)

You need to be using either Grip testing (squeeze) or Grip unstable
(sid) and have the dev component in your apt-sources.

deb http://www.emdebian.org/grip sid main dev
deb-src http://www.emdebian.org/grip sid main

Note: all source packages remain in 'main'. This differs from how
components are normally used in Debian. Hence there is no need to
anything except main on your deb-src line.

There are a few more tweaks needed to the repository scripts - some
packages are a bit mixed up and some -dev packages are not getting
installed. (Current problem is a missing libglib2.0-dev.)

I've also written a wrapper for dpkg-buildpackage that then runs emgrip
once the build completes successfully:

$ dpkg-source -x foo_1.2.3-1.dsc
$ cd foo-1.2.3/
$ emgrip-build -uc -us

The emphasis in emgrip-build is to be able to build normal Debian
packages (using dget -x or apt-get source) as well as being able to
build your own local packages that are more-or-less Policy compliant.
(Stray too far away from standard Debian package levels of compliance
and some of the assumptions in the Grip processing could break -
particularly relating to FHS compliance - Grip expects to be able to
rely on where files are put within the package.)

emgrip-build is a simple shell script (POSIX not bash) which supports
options to use debuild instead of dpkg-buildpackage, it has an
-n|--dry-run option and it understands the DEB_VENDOR support that
emgrip already uses.

I've also improved apt-grip, slightly, although issues remain with
trying to use apt-grip in situations where there are strict
dependencies (like trying to apt-grip a -dev package for a shared
library already installed from Emdebian). Hopefully be able to persuade
apt that it's an effective 'downgrade' which is then upgraded

I've got some more fixes for the repository scripts but emgrip-build
will be in the emdebian-grip package, (2.2.0) or you can trial it from
current SVN.


Neil Williams

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