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Re: Building

Neil Williams wrote:
On Fri, 24 Jul 2009 19:26:54 +0300
 > See the EmdebianCodeAudit for the status of Crush.
Ok, I'll have a look on that page.
Don't try building Emdebian Crush from source - it does not work, it
hasn't worked since Lenny was released and it might not be working in
time for the Squeeze release either. Crush 1.0 was almost a one-off -
it might not be possible to repeat it for some time. There is not
enough time to fix all the issues identified by the audit.
What a pity.
Only Grip is working currently and that does not build any packages
from source. (Which is why it is working.)
Ok, I revert to grip.
I'm still not back to health and I am unable to provide any more
assistance for some time yet.
That does not matter. Take care...
Please can other people on the list
reinforce this message:

*Crush does not currently build for any architecture or any version of
Debian or Emdebian. The issues are complex, difficult and require input
from large numbers or disparate groups within Debian. Progress has been
made but significant blocks remain. It remains unlikely that Emdebian
Crush 2.0 will actually be possible. Some packages do build from Debian
unstable but no attempt has been made to turn those into a working

Thanks for your job. I'm still convinced that emdebian can be as famous and powerful as its big brother. I hope that most of knowledge is still available on this list.


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