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[Emdebian] cross python


>> b) crush on python
> (I think you mean python support in Crush)
>>   I believe there are some attempts to bring up python to Debian
>> instead perl, somebody knows how far these projects has gone? I think
>> this way should simplify things to get crush working better.
> python does not cross-build - just the same problem as perl with the
> added problem that I cannot debug a broken python build let alone
> cross-build.

In the attached tarball there are some scripts that are able to get a
cross'd python. Maybe somebody wants to have a look and merge needed
changes with Debian's proper python package.

> However, python will be very important for Grip - it is heavily used in
> openmoko. See #524073 for a MAJOR barrier to the use of python -
> currently python-gtk (the basis of any python GUI apps) depends on the
> truly massive ATLAS computational library *AND* FORTRAN! Yes,
> libfortran3 is now *mandatory* on any device running a GUI python app
> in unstable. Yuck.

Hopefully python-gtk could add a switch to make atlas and fortran
optional or is it mandatory?


P.D.- I do remeber somebody posting stuff to get perl cross compiled,
I'll try to search the patches.

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