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Re: Emdebian Crush on Sparc32

On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 13:50:30 +0100
Hector Oron <hector.oron@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Dimitris,
>  As a quick reply I abandon cross compiler building for other arches
> but arm | armel, because we had no users and it is a bit time
> consuming. It is known that many of the mutilib'd toolchains with
> different ABIs fail to build (on gcc-4.3, but does fine for 4.2 and
> 4.1), that could just be avoided disabling multiarch on debian/
> scripts.
>  If you like we can try to build and fix gcc-4.3. In other cases,
> give me some time to try to build 4.2 and 4.1 for sparc. (i'll do it
> for unstable if you agree)
> Regards

Hi Hector (and Neil),

thank you both for your feedback. I actually keep a mixed
debian installation with Lenny as a base and selected packages from
unstable. So, I tried to upgrade the emdebian-tools and gcc-4.3 to
unstable, but some of the problems with package versions remain. I
believe that this is due to old config files lying around (I had made
some attempts with emdebian in the past as well).

Today I didn't have much time to work on this, but for tomorrow, a
colleague of mine promised me a dedicated virtual machine on our
company's server, where I could do a fresh install of debian (unstable).
I'll do that, and I'll resume my attempts with emdebian.

Since I have no urgent need for emdebian, I would be in favor of
going for a gcc-4.3 based toolchain. In the process I hope that I'll
learn more about the tools involved, and we might succeed in shaping up
the sparc port.


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