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langupdate status

A bit of news on langupdate - things are moving along and it is mostly
working, including a new no-op mode when installed on Debian so that it
doesn't try to replace files from packages that do not use TDebs yet.

I've added support for /etc/locale.gen so that any configured locale is
automatically picked up and selected for TDeb support. In addition,
extra languages can be specified via the LANGUAGE environment variable.
When languages are de-configured (or the LANGUAGE variable is unset or
not given), unwanted TDebs can be automatically purged using the -r
command to langupdate. As with previous releases, all cache data is
downloaded to a dedicated directory under /var which is cleaned out
after each run, including the downloaded TDebs themselves.

The one bug that is holding back a release is that although langupdate
can identify TDebs for binary packages that have the same name as the
source package, I'm having problems retrieving the name of the source
package from the libapt-pkg (C, not perl) library without resorting to
mass fork/exec for apt-cache showsrc. I'm not sure if it is a
repository problem (see other email) or an apt problem.

langupdate is now sufficiently advanced that I've asked for
translations of the 41 gettext messages included with the binary. So
far, I've got three translations in place and 10 days more before the
translation deadline expires.

If anyone fancies helping out with the C/C++ code for langupdate, the
SVN is available via Emdebian:

To test, it's best to use an Emdebian Grip chroot (OK, I admit, not the
best timing considering my other email).

# langupdate -?
  langupdate [OPTION...] - updates language support for emdebian

Apt frontend to match the Emdebian TDeb support with the installed
packages and supported locales.

Help Options:
  -?, --help                   Show help options

Application Options:
  -n, --dry-run                Only show the cache data, do not install
  -m, --mirror=mirror_name     Use the specified TDeb mirror instead of the Emdebian default.
  -r, --autoremove             Remove TDebs for unsupported locales.
  -v, --verbose=integer        Specify verbose level [0-4]
  --suite=codename             Specify the apt suite name [default unstable]
  --version                    Show version information and exit.

Emdebian TDebs provide a method for splitting all translation files out of
packages and into separate TDeb packages, organised by the locale root and
source package. This allows individual users to only install translations
files for the locales supported on their own machine and only for the
packages installed at the time.

Note that this functionality is not available for Debian TDebs.


Neil Williams

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