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Churning in Grip repositories

I've mostly completed the perl rewrite of the Grip repository management
code for emdebian-tools 1.4.15 and things are looking a lot better.

Incidental to that rewrite, other changes are going to happen in the
Grip repository:

1. Override files - balloon3-config is 'Priority: required' but that
breaks other debootstraps for non-balloon targets, so an override sets
the priority as optional. This has a side-effect that balloon
debootstraps will need to --include balloon3-config explicitly and
emsandbox setups will need to add balloon3-config to the packages.conf
for machine:variant support. That override is now in place.

1.1. As a consequence of working override support, Tasks are
supportable for the first time. However, tasks can only be supported
when the package is included into the Grip repository, either by
removing the old and reintroducing it or when a new version arises so
some packages need to be updated. This is a lower priority and will
only be done if the relevant packages need to be updated anyway.

2. This is the main problem. The current locale repository is borked -
my fault. In most situations, suite and codename are interchangeable
(think sources.lists), after all, these are just symlinks in the
filesystem. However, it turns out that various d-i and other tools put
a bit more importance on which is which and reprepro gets horrendously
confused if you try to change a suite=sid into suite=unstable, leading
to the need to remove the entire repository. (I'm not joking - I've had
to do it twice already.)

Net result: The Grip repositories will be in a state of churn for a few
days and lots of packages are likely to be missing for short periods
of time. Worse, because various source packages need to be reintroduced
*at the same version*, the source packages in testing will need to be
removed as well. To remove the source package, reprepro insists on also
removing the binaries. Bah.

I'll try to keep disturbance of testing to a minimum but unstable is
going to be unusable during most of the changes. I hope to have it all
done in a few days. The TDeb generation takes the most time and as I've
spent all day doing that on this local system, it might be simplest to
rsync those, at least to a temporary location for manual update.

The perl rewrite also has implications for servers running Etch
(www.emdebian.org is fine) - it adds a dependency on
libio-compress-zlib-perl (which is Lenny/Sid only) for the
emdebian-grip-server code that is meant to operate the repository on
the server. This is because various tools need to handle files like
Sources.gz and Packages.gz etc. The old (v.v.v. slow) shell code will
remain in the package, but demoted
to /usr/share/emdebian-tools/em_autogrip.sh, replaced by what was
em_autogrip.pl and TWO new Perl modules, written especially for Grip:
Debian::Packages::Compare and Emdebian::Grip.


Neil Williams

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