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Re: failure installing emdebian grip powerpc on ibook

Neil Williams wrote:
How do I get emdebian keys into the installer so that installation can continue without errors ?

I'll try and find out.

For now, if you want to get a working system running Emdebian Grip, one
way that does work is to let the installer use a standard Debian
mirror, install Debian as normal and then change your sources to
Emdebian Grip and dist-upgrade. That's what I did with my Acer Aspire1.
Not ideal, I know - I'll try and find out about keys and d-i.
Another issue for powerpc is that yaboot does not seem to be in the grip repository. Yaboot is a bootloader for "newworld powermacs" - all powerpc macs that use openfirmware. This does not apply for intel based macs which can use grub-efi. powerpc macs can not use grub.

Is emdebian going to worry about boot-loaders ???
   grub, yaboot, uboot, etc ???

I either have to install yaboot manually, or specify a debian repository with a lower priority than emdebian. Can that be done if using the same disto (eg. unstable ?). Maybe I will specify testing for the debian repo and unstable for the emdebian repo.

Of course, as you mention, doing a proper debian install first, then dist-upgrade to emdebian is the other way. It's an probably easier process, but conceptually would be good to avoid :)

Can we get yaboot gripped please and put in the grip repo.

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