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Re: asm/ucontext.h for armel eabi target

So does this mean phoneME (https://phoneme.dev.java.net/) cannot be
built using emdebian crosstools since the build fails when it cannot
find asm/context.h?

I understand that I added a file from a wrong architecture, but all it
is really is a simple struct. Honestly, I can't understand why
asm/ucontext.h wasn't present in the arm packages from the beginning. Is
there any documentation somewhere that justify these decisions? It seems
weird knowing that include/ucontext.h and sys/ucontext.h are present but
not asm/ucontext.h

> Your package needs to adapt to the current kernel configuration
> available in the linux-libc-dev package in Debian.
I am not sure what this means exactly, could you be a little bit more

For the record, I am not familiar with distro packaging and cross-tools
in general which explains some of my questions.

Thank you,

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