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emdebian-tools 1.4.13 in Emdebian

Two bug fixes and some improvements in the TDeb support made at
Extremadura as well as various improvements across Emdebian Grip

Note that Emdebian Grip now uses a 'grip-config' package that can be
built from Emdebian SVN:
$ debcheckout emdebian-tools
$ cd emdebian-tools/grip/grip-config/
$ dpkg-buildpackage -I.svn -uc -us

The package currently contains modified versions of install-info (empty)
and update-alternatives (described below), several lintian overrides as
well as a few support hacks for packages like gcc-4.3 that do weird
things with files in /usr/share/doc/ during installation.

$ lintian -i ../grip-config_0.0.4em1_amd64.changes
N: 5 tags overridden (2 errors, 3 warnings)

The method with grip-config is to increment the debian version
component and leave the Emdebian version suffix unchanged, so the next
version of 0.0.5em1 etc. grip-config is Priority: required (so that
debootstrap always picks it up) meaning that it cannot be packaged
directly and cannot be added to Debian. ;-)

Once Lenny is released, I'll explore ways of implementing the
functionality of grip-config within the relevant packages but
grip-config may persist to provide support for a variety of packages
until such time as all problems are fixed (maybe). When the current
workarounds are removed or replaced, bump the version to 0.1.0em1 and so
on. It could be a useful place to put various content (or dependencies)
should the need arise.

Currently, I'm not using dput to upload it, it's fairly trivial to use
'dcmd ls -1 ../grip-config*_amd64.changes' and then scp each one of the
four files into the incoming directory for grip and include manually.
(i.e. grip-config only exists in Grip, it does not exist in the filter
repository, it is not gripped itself (already done) and it does not
exist in the Crush repository.) I might even build it on the server in

Source: emdebian-tools
Version: 1.4.13
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2008 09:49:30 +0000
Closes: 507285 507686
 emdebian-tools (1.4.13) unstable; urgency=low
   * TDeb improvements - add maxdepth 1 to templates handing in
     dpkg-gentdeb, only find templates files in debian/.
   * tdeb/dpkg-gentdeb : handle multiple template files and skip
     templates for udebs
   * Add certainty and severity fields to emdebian.desc lintian checks
     (Closes: #507285)
   * grip/autogrip : add a mandatory --base-path command for the top
     level location of the repositories.
   * grip-config: Add install-info and update-alternatives replacements
     and a readme to describe how to build the grip-config package
   * Relocate emdebian.buildd to /usr/share/emdebian-tools/"
     and remove packages removed from Debian unstable (Closes:
   * Rename autogrip to em_autogrip and add a manpage; move emgrip and
     em_autogrip to /usr/bin/
   * grip/em_autogrip : Add support for retrieving missing GnuPG keys -
     prevents reprepro errors. Add note about key retrieval to manpage.
   * grip/em_autogrip : Add a dry-run mode and use a single function for
     source package handling
   * grip/em_autogrip : allow adding a binary even if the source package
     is the same name
   * improve grip-config until issues with gcc postinst can be fixed in
   * grip/grip-config/update-alternatives : nasty hack - less subtle
     workarounds still fail, so now just ignore all errors from update-
     alternatives until a better solution can be found.
   * Add the emdebian archive key to the grip-config packag
   * Build a binary archive keyring file alongside the ascii armour for
     cdebootstrap compatibility.


Neil Williams

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