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Emdebian Grip for arm, armel, mips, mipsel, powerpc, i386 and amd64

A basic set of packages are now available for Emdebian Grip - enough
for a debootstrap chroot and little else. More packages will be added
in due course (first target is XFCE).

The Emdebian homepage has been updated to reflect the new distribution.

Emdebian Grip is a smaller Debian-compatible distribution.

Grip is a light grip on Squeeze (the codename of the next Debian
release after 5.0 "Lenny"). Small amounts of squeeze, as few functional
changes as possible and highest level of functional compatibility with
Debian Squeeze. Intended to be primarily a native build environment,
including support for building custom packages on an Emdebian
installation as well as the ability to mix and match Emdebian and
Debian packages with minimal effort. Cross-building support will become
available as the changes needed for Emdebian Crush are made within

Initially, Emdebian Grip packages based on Debian 5.0 "Lenny" are
mainly to assist in further developments. Only 'unstable' is available
so far.

Emdebian Grip supports standard Debian methods for creating root
filesystems, chroots and eventually, normal Debian installations using
the Debian Installer, although this is untested. (Some packages need
additional support, so an additional grip-config package is provided to
workaround the bugs until the relevant Debian packages can be modified.)


Eventual aims for Emdebian Grip, after Lenny

   1. Native or cross-build, as appropriate.
   2. Support for compilers and build tools, including interpreted
   3. No functional changes within libraries. This means not changing
the options to ./configure in debian/rules.
   4. Extending the upcoming TDeb support in Debian to the existing
Emdebian TDeb support.
   5. Use of "nodocs" support in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS and extending
support for "nodocs" within discussions around DEB_VENDOR as well as in
the limited Emdebian package set.
   6. Less pressure on ultimate installation sizes and package sizes.
Devices running Emdebian Grip will need less space than Debian Squeeze
but will need more space (including temporary space) than Emdebian
Crush. To use the compilation support, devices will need considerably
more space and RAM than a device running Emdebian Crush.

apt sources

deb http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/ unstable main


deb-src http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip/ unstable main

Bugs should be filed against buildd.emdebian.org in the Debian BTS
using reportbug as normal.

In due course, testing will also become available and as Lenny is still
delayed, a stable release will follow.


Neil Williams

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