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Re: Emdebian on armel: packages fail to build.

On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 19:51:03 +0100
Dimitri Michaux <dimitri.michaux@gmail.com> wrote:

Please keep replies going to the list!

> It looks like empdebuild (or is it pbuilder?) keeps an cache of debs.


> Is the true? 


> Because else I would need to setup apt-cache or
> something like that to save me the bandwith of downloading the same
> package every time.

caches are architecture-dependent so you need to download host and
build architecture packages.

> Is there a way of running empdebuild in 2 threads/processes to speed 
> things up a little bit on my dualcore machine?

Not for the same build. Just start another empdebuild for a different


Neil Williams

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