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Re: Emdebian on armel: packages fail to build.

On Wed, 03 Dec 2008 19:33:25 +0100
Dimitri Michaux <dimitri.michaux@gmail.com> wrote:

Putting this back onto the mailing list.
> > Please file a bug report against emdebian-tools, I'll fix that in
> > the next upload.
> >   
> I've filed the bug report for the file that is in the wrong place.

I've identified that one, I've got a fix in SVN.

> The problem with packages was that the version number in those names 
> have changed.
> libslang1-utf8 is now libslang2 but that package was already in base. 
> libgnutls13 is now libgnutls26.

Done - thanks.
> After that empdebuild creates the chroot, but reports the following 
> error at the end: "-> emsetup failed: exiting with an error!"

Hmmm. I did test these changes, it worked ok. 
> But after running: "sudo empdebuild --arch armel update" it starts to 
> download the needed crosscompiling packages and finishes without an
> error.


> Should I make a second bug report for this one?

Not really - the update worked, I can only assume a temporary problem
with the apt repositories. I might add something to the manpage.

> > Extremadura is not a holiday venue for Debian Developers, it is a
> > region of Spain where the government have funded a series of
> > conferences to aid the development of all kinds of work within
> > Debian. They provide the accommodation, the venue, the food and the
> > resources - we respond with bug fixes, policy developments,
> > brainstorming and general rapid Debian development of all kinds.
> > That's why I'm tired. 
> That's pretty cool, but I hope you were not to exhausted. I think it
> is great what people like you are doing for the fsf community. The
> amount of dedication that something like that takes is just
> unimaginable to me. Thank you a lot!

Thanks also to the Extremadura government and Toby!Churchill who
provided sponsorship to make events like that possible.


Neil Williams

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