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Are there any good reasons to use emdebian on 386 platform with large hard drive?

I am looking for a good way to create a target OS to install on a kiosk-like machine. I want to have good control of what is running on the target machine, and I want to create my own install CD for it. The machine will be running a 386-compatible mainboard, and it will have a large disk and a large display.

What are the reasons to use emdebian in this case? I can see that it is possible to configure the emdebian tools for the 386 architecture.

What are the biggest reasons for NOT using emdebian in this case?

Are there any other good tools out there, if all you want is to pick a subset from a Linux OS and shoot it into a target machine? What tools are used by the Debian developers for creating the Debian install CD:s?


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