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emdebian-tools 1.4.12

Just uploaded to buildd.emdebian.org/debian

Nearly all the changes relate to either TDebs or Emdebian Grip.

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 20:40:21 +0000
Source: emdebian-tools
Binary: emdebian-tools emdebian-archive-keyring emdebian-rootfs emdebian-qa emdebian-grip emdebian-tdeb libemdebian-tools-perl
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.4.12
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
Changed-By: Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>
 emdebian-archive-keyring - GnuPG archive keys for the emdebian repository
 emdebian-grip - support for the Grip flavour of Emdebian
 emdebian-qa - emdebian quality assurance support
 emdebian-rootfs - emdebian root filesystem support
 emdebian-tdeb - transition package for TDeb handling scripts
 emdebian-tools - emdebian crossbuilding tool set
 libemdebian-tools-perl - emdebian support library
 emdebian-tools (1.4.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add tdeb/dh_gentdeb, a simple debhelper wrapper. debhelper itself
     needs improved TDeb support. Improve dpkg-gentdeb to cope with
     more varied packages and epochs.
   * emgrip : Add outdir option, missing module dependency (from perl-
     modules) and implement DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS support
   * emgrip : Add support for processing a .changes file, with support
     for modifying the content and binary-only uploads.
   * emgrip : Add support to use em_installtdeb when a .changes file is
   * tdeb/splitout_tdeb : experimental new script to split a Debian
     package into a Debian TDeb and a smaller Debian package.
   * grip/autogrip : Add code to handle updates and checks against
     reprocessing the same packages. Ensure pkglist filter is refreshed
     before and after each operation.
   * grip/emgrip : Add support for packages that already encode the
     source version (libgcc1). Add support for handling strict
     dependencies; also handle pre-depends, replaces and conflicts to
     allow for the grip version suffix.
   * tdeb/splitout_tdeb : Add support for relocating debconf templates
     into the TDeb
   * tdeb/dpkg-gentdeb : Add support for having debconf template files in
     the TDeb
   * grip/emgrip tdeb/splitout_tdeb : Include support for Provides: and
     fix TDeb source version dependency listing
   * Add manpages for the tdeb utilities.
   * grip/emgrip : retain epoch for binary versions, use no_epoch only
     for source version
   * grip/autogrip : Add support for extending the architecture list -
     requires some manual editing of reprepro config files
   * grip/grip : Customised debootstrap suite script to cope with bugs in
     install-info and update-alternatives
 75cdbb2ab173b1621cd93545b2e436ab2a30ebcc 1199 emdebian-tools_1.4.12.dsc
 8047120b061d8c6a2a0997bb64bd59f1e1192b56 273227 emdebian-tools_1.4.12.tar.gz
 75d839f82038aad5e07ea422c0caa89f5e49b1cb 133190 emdebian-tools_1.4.12_all.deb
 b33a2331268db7ed0a151f84e266d9947740d70e 26418 emdebian-archive-keyring_1.4.12_all.deb
 71910c1f7a4e7134f94ed3b023dc75b2e1414404 53206 emdebian-rootfs_1.4.12_all.deb
 9cf1d3ec140049a002b0baaca3c03ef484bd8c28 88820 emdebian-qa_1.4.12_all.deb
 63b788b41c8e8b4d9f8d6207ef97933f7887f2ca 41700 emdebian-grip_1.4.12_all.deb
 e84fb469a981cce60f76f126ca0eec7157b9eb81 69762 emdebian-tdeb_1.4.12_all.deb
 2aa7b9216203e26599aca362061385116fd7e999 59750 libemdebian-tools-perl_1.4.12_all.deb
 f079ca3b43b75b38a87a818df4d466619ec650ffc796227cc8914d93787a36f9 1199 emdebian-tools_1.4.12.dsc
 7a9965cb346606b81f326de9e8c4190467e49decade7f1b3c4aeb5c5d9159ee3 273227 emdebian-tools_1.4.12.tar.gz
 bed830d9fbde253a139cc684551e1990196fc4587c62b8dc63093b1d38f6c6f5 133190 emdebian-tools_1.4.12_all.deb
 1d094ca0acb5e5f26a20b13c4a6c48a093a7901cdd8b1089ce60c42a92cc86d1 26418 emdebian-archive-keyring_1.4.12_all.deb
 374ab16fa34af09fbb3714608e8b68932542d644168298e0c7da85d1935b9e05 53206 emdebian-rootfs_1.4.12_all.deb
 024752e51729735e9de51e20a07b20376b70d1f74b8ca8aaffe99dd3ad1f6eac 88820 emdebian-qa_1.4.12_all.deb
 42956281e6003335a6902b3d919293c7031d820c2c3ddd241373374517895947 41700 emdebian-grip_1.4.12_all.deb
 99f55498d81fefa545054463b51229a8142c742ef4be76711f571412b37608d2 69762 emdebian-tdeb_1.4.12_all.deb
 980225d109e37dc1d68fdaed7ab2a49bb95d7dd88209657a7e45c059e59aa21b 59750 libemdebian-tools-perl_1.4.12_all.deb
 e60ad78e240b555fde1fc7b852ec2412 1199 utils extra emdebian-tools_1.4.12.dsc
 fd3f69befdd6cb0aa462980eb8c94514 273227 utils extra emdebian-tools_1.4.12.tar.gz
 ab0153148cb5f7ddb249e34886305d6c 133190 utils extra emdebian-tools_1.4.12_all.deb
 e57647f146f296f0ef1339e07e2e03f0 26418 utils extra emdebian-archive-keyring_1.4.12_all.deb
 5d64cc8a136571415681e623d6c1f238 53206 utils extra emdebian-rootfs_1.4.12_all.deb
 5c5ffd672529f1d5651605241b388818 88820 utils extra emdebian-qa_1.4.12_all.deb
 e7e889c3dd07a84b3d72cf025b8a7cc8 41700 utils extra emdebian-grip_1.4.12_all.deb
 48ccc93cb4e66207bdb59517e7d822bf 69762 utils extra emdebian-tdeb_1.4.12_all.deb
 86999650e4eb8f5f123d4c766681be6e 59750 perl extra libemdebian-tools-perl_1.4.12_all.deb

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