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Progress on Emdebian Grip

OK, just a few test figures from a few developments in the Grip scripts:

 $ du -sh ../filter/
 553M ../filter/
 $ du -sh ../grip/
 223M ../grip/
 $ du -sh ../locale/
 140M ../locale/

filter is the normal Debian mirror, filtered to only support the
packages we need, across 5 architectures. (arm, armel, i386, amd64 and
powerpc - mips and mipsel will be added before release).

grip is the gripped packages, locale is the Emdebian TDeb repository so
any one machine is likely to only need between 9 and 15Mb of that repo.
Machines that do not need to support l10n at all will need 0Mb from

This is just a test repo on this box at the moment, 100 packages - the
basic debootstrap package set.

One or two packages that don't get processed properly at the moment, so
the repo is not usable due to missing dependencies. (Those who know the
history will appreciate how frustrating it is that libgcc1 is YET AGAIN
one of the stubborn packages that refuses to cooperate.)

So the actual figures above are only indicators - what matters is the
proportions - 34% smaller.

If the installations come out to something similar, I'll be happy.

The downside is that a machine providing Emdebian Grip is going to need
filter/ grip/ *AND* locale/ - filter is retained to limit the amount of
times the scripts need to download the .orig.tar.gz and the .debs
themselves. reprepro manages the removal of files that have been

Remaining tasks:
1. Fix the scripts to cope with the few stubborn packages
2. Improve automation support
3. Work out how to link the Grip mirror into Debian Installer
4. Add kernels
5. Add more packages - e.g. XFCE.
6. Integrate edos-debcheck to automatically keep the archive
7. Setup Grip on buildd.emdebian.org and adapt the website scripts to
find the Grip repo.
8. Fix any problems that arise from Grip and Crush sharing the same TDeb
locale/ repository. (Emdebian TDebs are the same in both Grip and

I'm going to be v.busy with other stuff for the rest of this month. I'll
check in the latest scripts and probably release emdebian-tools 1.4.12
with these scripts in the next few days.

Patches are welcome, as ever. If you want to help finish development
whilst I'm away with other stuff, file bug reports against
emdebian-tools or commit changes to SVN (as a branch if you prefer) if
you have access. If you get a working system out of it, (!!), feel free
to file bug reports against buildd.emdebian.org for issues with the
packages themselves.


Neil Williams

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