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Re: Which bootloader to choose?

Frank wrote:
> I've used and written code to for the micromonitor on a Mips based SOC booting linux. This bootloader doesn't even come close to u-boot...

Glad you like u-boot!  Hopefully my feedback below is a bit more
constructive--- and quantitative.

I like Micromonitor's scripting language.  I always seem to get lost
in the seemingly-inconsistent, quasi-environment-variable way that you
tell u-boot what to do.  Could be merely an education problem.

I also like the small code base of Micromonitor, and the consistency
of the coding style.  Makes it easier to find my way around when

I'm probably not as familiar as I should be with u-boot, so I wouldn't
consider this to be an exhaustive review.  And I won't dismiss the
possibility that Micromonitor has its share of warts.

Bill Gatliff

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