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Re: Embedded != Low Power

Am 2008-10-29 07:59:34, schrieb Neil Williams:
> I want Grip to be a release-goal for Squeeze. I want someone to join the
> work and let me get on with Crush, TDebs, cross-build support in Debian,
> NMU's etc. You'll have all the support you need, just do some of the
> work.
> :-)

Since I now have a fast 3.6 MBit connection with unlimited traffic  over
GSM/UMTS/HSDPA I can restart my activities and look into...

OK, I am currently developing some ARM 7/9/11 based systems and have the
need for EmDebian...

> Grip doesn't need to be cross-compiled, it should support native
> building ON an Emdebian Grip machine. Yes, it probably will be slow but
> cross-building is still not implemented in more than 1% of Debian
> packages.

It seems, I have to build first my <buildd> based on an i.MX37...

> Grip needs to have almost a full package set - I'd guess at 10,000 or
> maybe 15,000 packages of the 20,000 in Debian. Crush currently has 248.


> Cross-building is not part of Grip. Cross-building is initially related
> only to Emdebian Crush using functionality changes for dependency
> reduction. Cross-building may be a bonus from work on Crush but Grip is
> essentially about repackaging prebuilt native binaries. Packages can be
> "gripped" during the build, prior to inclusion into a Grip repository or
> after downloading onto the device running Grip (if sufficient space
> exists).

Is it no enough, if I download the package, use dpkg to unpack it,  then
strip it and use dpkg-repack to have the small striped package?

> Packages can be gripped on any architecture, for any architecture. It
> doesn't matter if you want to Grip powerpc packages on amd64, just as
> long as the full sized powerpc binaries exist - in most cases, exist in
> a Debian mirror somewhere. emgrip is based on dpkg-cross without the
> -cross stuff so it can work anywhere (hence the limited dependencies)
> and churn out any package for any architecture whilst working on any
> architecture. There is no compilation involved.
> Emdebian Grip aims to provide a natively-built Debian Installation for
> any architecture supported by Debian in a way that is functionally
> identical to Debian, just smaller and using TDebs in the Emdebian manner
> for extra granularity. However, if Grip does get to 10,000 packages,
> using Emdebian TDebs would turn that into more like 150,000 which may
> well be a decision that has to be faced at some point.


One of my older systems (~7 years) has a repository of any "binarys" and
"libs" I could need and then if I had the need for a new binary, I used

    ldd <binary>

to know, which dependencies I must resolv... and copy the  needed  files
into my system.  THis leed to the real bare minimum  of  files  using  a
STANDARD precompiled distribution.

Hey realy, it is working up to now...  Beginning with "Slink" and  going
over "Potato" and "Woody" to "Sarge"...

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
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