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Getting (really) Started

Hi Folks,

I have had a lot of trouble just even getting started, my efforts have
so far been unsucessful, and I am hoping that posting here, someone
will be able to tell me what I am doing wrong.  I have access to a
Ubuntu Gutsy Machine; so I strapped Debian Etch, mounted the proc file
system, bind mounted the dev filesystem and chrooted into the system.

apt-get install emdebian-tools

package not found, hmm ... so I checked the /etc/apt/sources.list, it
looked ok - I added the US mirror just to be on the safe side, tried
again! it didn't work ...

Somewhere else on the wiki, there is a mention of using sid, so I try
to strap sid, it gets broken halfway - I figure here is something
wrong upstream, so strapped etch again, went into the apt/sources.list
and changed etch to sid (good idea?) I did a apt-get update, and
emdebian-tools shows up in the cache (is this normal ? emdebian-tools
only existing in the sid repositories).

It did a whole lot of updates, and added the emdebian uk mirrors, it
seemed fine but something else went wrong :( and I quit the chroot as
it was getting late; somehow all of the updates seemed to have
affected the running kernel through the proc file system and I
couldn't umount the previously mounted proc and dev, so I ended up

I was wondering if there's a online emdebian 'playground' that I can
use to try some simple things like cross compiling packages (pruning
dependencies, removing documentation etc.) ?

(btw lurking in the chatrooms, there seems to be no one alive =)



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