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Would it not be better to use dnsmasq rathern than udhcpd?

This question really raises two questions.

My previous experience with embedded OS generation was with OpenWrt.  

dnsmasq is a useful little utility, rather as busybox is useful, in that is 
contains lots of functions in one (relatively) small package.  It might be
worth considering using it rather than udhcpd.  In particular it is also
a dnsproxy.

The second question concerns the way in which a machine (or variant)  tailors
the list of packages to be included.  In particular OpenWrt has the notion
that you can both add and subtract packages from the base list.  Thus in this
case packages.conf would contain (assuming basefiles was as currently setup)


which would have the effect of removing udhcpd from the list, and adding 
dnsmasq.  An alternative would to introduce an EXCLUDE= line.


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