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From emsource -b to emsandbox

I looked at the autobuild script that is in the documentation, and I think it
is wrong (or at least missing something).

So I changed it to read:-

#set -x

. /usr/share/debootstrap/functions
requiredX=$(echo $(echo $required | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | uniq))
baseX=$(echo $(echo $base | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | uniq))
echo "Trying to automate rebuilds of rootfs packages:"
sources=`echo $requiredX $baseX | fold -s`
if [ -z "$sources" ]; then
    echo "$PROG: no source list found in $SCRIPT"
sourcesX=$(echo $(echo $sources | tr ' ' '\n' | sort | uniq))
for pkg in $sourcesX; do
    sources=`apt-cache showsrc $pkg | grep Package | awk "{print \\$2}" |
sort | uniq`
    # need to extract the second token from each line, sort and uniq.
    for src in $sources; do
        if emsource -b $src
                echo "emsource complete"
                echo "Bad return from emsource"

The location of debbootstrap/functions seems to be different from that 
given in the documentation, and the original script never builds either
$sources or $src.  So I assumed that sources is simply requiredX and
baseX concatenated, and added some code to extract the source package
name from the apt-cache | grep function, and eliminate duplicaets.  I
also put some error checking on the emsource run, so that if any build
fails I can see what happened.   Obviously the first line in the first
for loop has wrapped in the above text.

Now I have a trunk tree trunck/<letter>/<package>/trunk/<deb-file> files
and I need to convert this into something that emsandbox will use as a 
proxy.  Does anyone have a script that will do this conversion.  I
guess I can use dpkg-scanpackages along the way but I am not sure
of what else I need to do along the way.


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