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Re: emdebian tools on testing

On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 09:02 +1100, Brendan Simon wrote:
> Thanks Neil for the exceptionally detailed response.
> 1) How can we show Debian that there is interest and need for 
> cross-tools to be considered higher priority than "wish-list" ???
> Maybe some kind of register of people need cross-tools?

Real, working, systems.

Debian on embedded devices - made a reality.

Installable, extensible, configurable.

In short, something that people can see working, explore and develop
without things breaking etc.

> Emdebian is not just for small computer systems.  It can be used for 
> very serious and mission critical products too.  Think network devices 
> on core telecommunications infrastructure.  Military applications.  NASA 
> etc etc.  People developing in these environments NEED to have some 
> assurance that the tools will not break easily.  At the very least, 
> tools that have built in the past will still be installable even if 
> sources for new versions have been uploaded and broken.

That can't happen until Debian is persuaded to adopt cross-building as a
release goal - we won't have the assurance and QA backup to do that

IMHO we need to make it fun before we can make it mission critical. We
don't have the resources to cope with that goal and making it fun is
probably the best way to find more developers.

However, a lot of the devices that you describe will probably be able to
be extended to have enough space for normal Debian.

> 2) I have been concentrating on trying to get gcc-4.3 or gcc-4.2 or 
> gcc-4.1 installed.  I'm sure I have had them installed before, but maybe 
> that was from the SLIND repository.
> For some reason I had been ignoring the gcc-3.x series.  I tried to 
> install gcc-3.4-powerpc-linux-gnu and that succeeded, so at least there 
> is one powerpc cross compiler available, even though its not the latest 
> or greatest.
> BTW, are the SLIND cross-tools an Emdebian build?  using emchain, etc ??

No. SLIND is an alternative method that isn't particularly suitable for
widespread Debian adoption. The 'composite method' used by
emdebian-tools uses some SLIND methods, some Stag methods and a few
methods of our own to create an overall method that can work with and
within Debian.


Neil Williams

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