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Re: emdebian cross-tools

On Tue, 2008-03-18 at 09:55 +1100, Brendan Simon wrote:
> PS: How does the Lenny freeze affect emdebian, if at all?

Extremely beneficial.

1. The Lenny freeze stops most of the packages used in Emdebian from
being updated except for absolutely critical problems.

2. Emdebian can catch up with package updates, especially toolchains.

3. With a stable package set, other issues are easier to solve because
we're all working on the same versions.

4. Building in a chroot becomes easier providing more benefits.

5. Emdebian gets a chance to migrate *our* packages into testing and on
to stable.

The only chance I see to release 'Emdebian' is alongside a Debian

If Etch was anything to go by, the period immediately after a Debian
release is just hell. Everything breaks, everything is out of sync,
everything is changing all of the time - stability becomes an impossible
dream for months. We need to get everything done during the freeze and
then go and hide for a month or two until the dust settles; update the
docs, work on stuff that doesn't depend on building packages etc.


Neil Williams

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