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Re: repository of dpkg-cross'd packages - harmful at this time.


> There are problems using that source, before everyone tries using it:

Of course. It is a first stab. Sorry if I haven't stressed that enough.

> Yep, that's my toolchain being removed, along with a few other packages.

apt generally likes removing the toolchain -- it does that for me even
without the -cross repo in the sources.list :-)

> Shows lots and lots of failures - despite avoiding toolchain-like
> packages, lots and lots of -cross packages depend on things like
> libgcc1-arm-cross (>= 1:4.2.1) {NOT AVAILABLE}

Depending on that package should be fine, as gcc cross builds provide

> I'm wondering if it is safe to persuade dpkg-cross to *not* generate any
> dependencies on libgcc1, *ever*. Effectively ban dpkg-cross from
> tinkering with -cross packages that are essential to toolchains.
> (libstdc++6* would also need to be banned.) I am not sure whether that
> would be workable - it seems like a gross hack.

No, it already does that, by not building anything that was built from a
source package that matches /gcc-.*/.

> Other edos errors include:
>  x11-common-arm-cross (>= 1:7.0.0) {NOT AVAILABLE} (198 instances)

That is strange, however. If it isn't in the list of packages providing
interesting files, appropriate -X args should be generated.

>   sysvinit-arm-cross (= 2.86.ds1-53) depends on initscripts-arm-cross


> libstreams0-arm-cross (= 0.5.7-2) depends on libstdc++6-arm-cross (>=
> 4.2.1) {NOT AVAILABLE}

That needs to come from gcc.

>   guile-gnome0-glib-arm-cross (= 2.15.95-2) depends on libffi4-arm-cross
> (>= 4.2.1) {NOT AVAILABLE}
> libg2c0-arm-cross (>= 1:3.4.4-5) {NOT AVAILABLE}

That would be genuinely broken, perhaps my regex for "interesting" files
is missing something.

> Most of these arise because, as I outlined on IRC, dpkg and therefore
> dpkg-cross has no idea what kind of package x11-common *is* whilst it is
> processing x11proto-core-dev-arm-cross or libx11-dev-arm-cross or
> libxau-dev-arm-cross. That information only comes from the apt cache -
> via apt-cross.

That doesn't really matter -- it is converted if it contains a header or
a library file, and ignored otherwise (and added to the exclude list).

APT cannot tell us anything that would help us in deciding whether this
package needs to be processed.

> The script desperately needs to interface with apt-cross and
> edos-debcheck. The script needs to give information to dpkg-cross about
> the kind of package described in Depends:. dpkg-cross knows all it needs
> to know about the package described by Package:, it needs to know almost
> as much about each package listed in Depends: - at the absolute minimum,
> it needs to know the Architecture: and the Depends: and then be able to
> get recursive information about each of those Depends and so on.

That is the

> >  - Does not handle "interesting" packages depending on "uninteresting"
> >    ones that depend on an "interesting" one.


> Right now, some method of protecting the toolchain from this -cross
> source is more important. Please fix the arm -cross repo before
> proceeding to other architectures.



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