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repository of dpkg-cross'd packages


following yesterday's IRC discussion I've built a small script that
prepares dpkg-cross'd packages and publishes them in a repo.

I've built arm overnight, armel is still building; we need about 1 GB
per arch.

APT source line is

deb http://www.emdebian.org/debian-cross sid main

The script isn't perfect yet, it's a first hack. Known problems:

 - Does not handle virtual packages (rather, it tells dpkg-cross to
   remove the alternatives from the Depends line, which is suboptimal)
 - Does not handle removals and packages that have become
   "uninteresting" in the last upload
 - Does not handle "interesting" packages depending on "uninteresting"
   ones that depend on an "interesting" one.
 - Mistakenly identifies "caudium" as interesting, because it has
   symlinks whose names end in .h below /usr/lib.

A copy of the script lives at


It might be obvious, but perl is not my native language. :-)

I wonder whether it would make sense to also have a blacklist for
kdeinit libraries, as these are never linked against, but are placed in
/usr/lib, or if it makes more sense to prod the KDE maintainers that
they move their plugins out of /usr/lib into some subdirectory (where
they'd be ignored).


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