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Re: Please could I have a guide to one package... or at least some pointers

On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 12:06 +0000, Tim Massey wrote:
> 10. root@media-PC:/# ./emsource-get
>     i. a little script to get all of the above emsource from the 
> Emdebian SVN

emsource calls apt-get source - the source for apt is in a/apt/trunk/

> This is where I am stuck because I don't have the source code I only 
> have the Emdebian SVN stuff

Then something is wrong with your script. emsource always calls apt-get
source, it is only if apt-get source finds an up to date source tree
that apt-get exits cleanly.

>  3. .emdebuild

There is no such script .emdebuild - it is emdebuild

> This is where I get lost because I have tried a few different ways now 
> and none seem to work of using apt-get source zyx  em_make xyz  
> emdebuild (.emdebuild can not be found?)

Where are you getting this .emdebuild ? It is /usr/bin/emdebuild

This is in the emdebian-tools manpage:


        The top level of the emsource build area. Subdirectories are
        organised by package name initial letter, then package name and
        'trunk' - branches and tags may also be present but are usually
        If you also have a SVN checkout of the main Emdebian repository,
        you may end up duplicating the emsource part of the hierarchy.
        In such situations, remember that emsource knows which hierarchy
        is your $WORK, even if you forget. 

See also 

emsource [[-a] | [--arch] ARCH] [[-v] | [--verbose]] [[-q] | [--quiet]]
{--where|--where-is} PACKAGE


--where|--where-is PACKAGE
        Checks the supplied PACKAGE name against the apt cache, looking
        up the source package name if different, reads the cache version
        and prints the location of the emdebianised source for the
        requested package, then exits. 
        Useful when you simply need to cd into the emdebianised source
        rather than start a build or clean the package. 
        Example 1.8. Finding the emsource directory
        $ emsource -v --where-is libgpewidget-dev
        Using libgpewidget as source package for libgpewidget-dev (0.115)
        Working directory: '/opt/emdebian/'
        libgpewidget is located in: '/opt/emdebian/trunk/l/libgpewidget/trunk/libgpewidget-0.115/


Neil Williams

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