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Re: Hopeful get Emdebian on i386 working! with a little help!! please

Neil Williams wrote:

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 22:43:22 +0000
Tim Massey <tim@temsc.co.uk> wrote:

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I can't follow your thread.

Emdebian needs to be built inside Debian. Create the Debian environment
and then install emdebian-tools into that environment, get the package
source into the environment and work in there.

Once built, Emdebian packages are then installed to give you an
Emdebian environment that has *no* package building support. (Otherwise
you'd simply install Debian on the device and build what you need on
the device itself.)
Ok this confuses me a little what are you saying install debain, then
apt-get emdedian-tools then apt-get source xyz.
Create a Debian chroot for unstable.
chroot into that environment
install emdebian-tools
From this list above it seems that you have a Debian chroot for
unstable which is effectively a working copy of Debian then you replace packages one by one with emdebian-tools via emsource and "build" by build I guess you mean *emdebuild or do you mean *./configure make make install*

This is where is get a little confused how has the debian packge become a emdebian package?

? That doesn't make any sense to me. An Emdebian package is just a
modified Debian one.
I understand that all emdebian packages are derived from debian packages but what I don't understand how the that magic happen because currently it seems to be magic to get the debain package to an emdebain package, I am sure its not and I have just completely miss the use of a tool or the point where I have to edit the make files then just use make install for example

To install a standard package from source
$ wget http://source.org/example.tar.gz
$ tar zxvf example.tar.gz
$ cd example
$ make
$ make install

How does building a emdebain package differ these are the 6 standard steps to install anything from source

What is the simplified chain of events?
install debain sid

in a chroot.

apt-get emdedian-tools and everything I am going to apt-get source

If you want the emdebian patch files, you use emsource to get the
source and apply the patches.

apt-get source xyz

Edit the files!??! Make your changes here just as you would in any
By edit the files do you mean such things like adding CFLAGS = -O2 for optimizations etc stripping docs out??

I guess what I am saying is, I guessed that there would be a procedure to follow for a package to become emdebianized but I seems not or am I wrong??

for example I could get apt build it with some optimization strip the docs out then it would be a emdebian app??

em_make makes an Emdebian package from a Debian source tree

.emdebuild ? The dot isn't needed - typo?

Anyways, you need to install the build dependencies - within the chroot
- before building. Unless you want to use emdebuild (for
the ../$package.old/ support), use debuild or similar here.
Ok I think this makes sence I would use em_make then .emdebuild

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