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Re: developing .deb packages for embedded systems

varun.celunite@gmail.com wrote:
> can some one please tell me, what r the minimum base packages that r
> required for embedded system.
> Are these the only packages that r required to atleast boot the system? or i
> m missing some of them. 

To be able to boot, you need:

. a bootloader
. a kernel

. an initrd image


. a filesystem
. /sbin/init

What initrd/init is depends on what you want the system to do,
it can be anything from a static binary application to the full
blown sysv init.

> Please tell what are the steps that r required; from making Root FS to
> simply booting a system or any documentation which deals with building base
> package and its installation or its already available

Either you install "as usual" and then remove whatever you can or
you asseble everything from scratch.


PS. please don't use "r" for "are", I first thought you wanted R,
    a statistical computing language and environment.

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