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Re: developing .deb packages for embedded systems


can some one please tell me, what r the minimum base packages that r
required for embedded system.
i m using scratchbox and information regarding target is 

 Compiler:         i686-linux-gcc-3.4.4-cs-2005q3-2-glibc-2.3.6 │  
 Architecture:     i686                                         │  
 Sub-architecture: i686                                         │  
 C-library:        glibc                                        │  
 Devkits:          debian perl doctools cputransp debian-sarge  │  
 CPU-transparency: none

i figured out some base packages as
base-files, base-passwd, bash, bsdutils, coreutils, debianutils, diff, dpkg,
hostname, initscripts, kernel-headers-2.4-386, klogd, libc6, libgdm3,
libwrap0, login, makedev, modutils, mount, passwd, ppp, procps, pump,
shelutils, sysklogd, tar, util-linux.

Are these the only packages that r required to atleast boot the system? or i
m missing some of them. 

Please tell what are the steps that r required; from making Root FS to
simply booting a system or any documentation which deals with building base
package and its installation or its already available

thanks and regards
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