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Re: gcc 4.1 dependency problem

On 2007-09-27 13:21 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Sep 2007 12:56:55 +0100
> Nick Bane <nick@cecomputing.co.uk> wrote:
> > After discussing this with Wookey he suggested that I documented a fix to a 
> > Debian etch cross development nuisance when test building bootldr.
> > 
> > Installing gcc-4.1-arm-linux-gnu seemed ok till I ran nm-arm-linux-gnu. 
> > This segfaulted.
> > 
> > The problem was localised to binutils brokenness (as claimed by Wookey).
> > 
> > I noted that my debian etch machine had binutils-arm-linux and not 
> > binutils-arm-linux-gnu but both with the same version tag.
> > 
> > Removing the non-gnu and adding the -gnu package seemed to fix it.
> > 
> > Nick Bane
> Are you using emdebian-tools or is this using gcc-4.1-arm-linux-gnu-gcc
> directly?
> I could add a check to emsetup to remove binutils-arm-linux in
> preference for binutils-arm-linux-gnu but it depends where the
> binutils-arm-linux package came from.
> I find no matches in the current repositories.

This is just packages from emdebian.org repository. Nothing to do with

> (binutils-multiarch will be a dependency of dpkg-cross 2.0.0)

That doesn;t help in this instance. installing binutils multiarch
still has the nm segfault issue.

Hmm. in fact this may be something of a red herring: I don;t have
binutils-arm-linux installed but I do have the nm segfault.  
$ arm-linux-gnu-nm -v -l bootldr-elf > bootldr.nm
Segmentation fault

$ arm-linux-nm -v -l bootldr-elf > bootldr.nm
bash: arm-linux-nm: command not found

Package: binutils-arm-linux-gnu
Version: 2.17cvs20070718-1

I _think_ this didn't happen with version 2.17cvs20070426 but it's
fallen out of the repo now, so I can't easily check. And 2.17.3 is too
old to satisfy current version of gcc-4.1-arm-linux-gnu.

I can do some manual forcing to try to get to the bottom of this, but
not right now.

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