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dpkg-cross 1.99+2.0.0pre1 refactoring

I'm refactoring some old parts of dpkg-cross with four main aims:

1. close some really, really old bugs

2. to fully implement the dpkg-architecture changes from #430507

3. to complete the fix for the $ENV {'MAKEFLAGS'} problem and 

4. to convert the comments into POD format to generate new man 3
documentation using pod2man

I don't think we need these files anymore:

crosstools  (only comments left - also drop sub read_crosstools_file()
from dpkg-cross.pl

cross-config.common, cross-config.gnu, cross-config.linux,
cross-config.w32 (replaced by specific files and close two old bugs)

I'm thinking that I'll upload a pre-release or two to experimental
containing these changes before making a dpkg-cross 2.0.0 release to
Debian unstable.

Around the same time, I hope to have emdebian-tools 0.4.0 and apt-cross
0.3.0 using the new Apt::Cross perl module based on NorthernCross.

In the process, I'm likely to be rebuilding most of the Emdebian
packages that currently exist, whether or not a new version exists in


Neil Williams

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