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cachecompare and parser.pl working again

OK. I think there must have been two separate problems with the
toolchain status automation:

1. Any reprepro-related changes must ensure that all relevant
directories and files are group-writable. I'll see about adding a check
to enforce this via cron. Directories must be chmod 775 (or 770) and all
files 664 or 660.

2. The sqlite database had been corrupted. I've added some sanity
checks to parser.pl and a timestamp to the output of cachecompare so it
should now be easy to tell if the system is working. The SQLite is just
a cache - the real data is in reprepro and parser.pl should be able to
either correct a problem in the sqlite or if the file is deleted,
it will simply replace the file entirely.

Please resist the temptation to fettle the sqlite data manually.

Both scripts have been improved to not require lots of apt-conf files
all over the place and the use of --no-list-cleanup in calls to apt is
one of the changes in apt-cross that will make it into the next release
because it simplifies multiple-architecture cache operations immensely.
It *is* possible to keep multiple architecture Packages data in a
single directory because the filenames are explicitly named to support
it - problem is that without the option, apt-get update deletes
everything except the architecture selected for that specific update.


Neil Williams

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