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Status of gcc-4.0

Apologies if this is obvious but I don't know the answer so ...

Debian testing has no gcc-4.0 package, unstable only has a package for
hurd or freebsd. Only libgcc2 and gcc-4.0-base seem to remain.


gcc-4.0  (4.0.3ds1-8) has a changelog entry of:
Disable build of C++ packages; build libgcc2 on hppa only, C related
packages on hurd-i386 only.

It therefore seems wrong for the cachecomparison scripts to show
gcc-4.0 as out of date in Emdebian testing and unstable:

gcc-4.0-$arch-linux-gnu        (i386 and amd64)
gcc-4.0                   4.0.3-7          4.0.3ds1-9
gcc-4.0                   4.0.3-7          4.0.4-1

In reality, 4.0.3-7 is the most recent - buildable - gcc-4.0

Should I make a special exception to override this result? I could
hardcode to script to ignore gcc-4.0 << 4.0.4-2 >> 4.0.3-7.

Is gcc-4.0 likely to be built in Debian again?


Neil Williams

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