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Re: Building cross gcc-3.4 for amd64 on i386

I don't have libgcc1-amd64-cross package, because I can't build
my cross-gcc, of course.

I thick you need to use dpkg-cross for that.
Get libgcc1 (crossed arch version) from a mirror
 $ dpkg-cross -a ${ARCH} -b ${deb_file}
 $ dpkg --force-depends -i <package>

I believe you need to use (latest) dpkg-cross 1.32.

Are you quite sure that the reason of my problem is missing
package(s)?  Maybe building process should link my cross-gcc
against libs from /usr/lib/, not from /usr/x86_64-linux/lib/?
Unfortunately, I'm not a gcc expert.

I do not consider myself an expert either, but as I said it is known
that cross compiler you are trying to build does not built.

Hector Oron

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