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Re: armel debian port

On 12/7/06, Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:
On 2006-12-07 17:58 +0200, Yauheni Kaliuta wrote:
> I already have a woking system with about 90 packages
> (glibc 2.5 eabi nptl, gcc 4.1).

Is that the glibc from debian experimental (2.5 is not in any other
bits of debian yet)? Have you built it all from expermental/unstable sources or
is it a mix of packages? Did you build it with crocodile, or natively
or some other way?

Yes, it's not in debian, but I asked google a bit and decided to
switch. I quess after release debian is going to follow upstream?
Currently glibc's packages are built with dpkg-cross, I'll rebuild
natively after other stuff is ready.

> Since my target was to get the working
> system as soon as possible, I did not record compiling and
> cross-compiling issues (to post bugs), sorry.

Do you have the patches to the sources, or the patched sources you
used? A port without that is useful for a bootstrap, but does not make
a real port  :-)

yes, I did not remove sources so prepare patches then.

> When I'm ready to use debootstrap for it, I'll publish it. Where?

I have started one here:

which has 315 packges but is still missing some important ones like
glibc and gcc, due to fun and games getting them to build from debian
sources. This is almost all martin guy's work not mine. And is only
intended as a debootstrap to allow a proper pure debian rebuild. Maybe
your stuff will help here (but we have targeted different gcc and
glibc versions).


I can put your stuff up there too if that is helpful? I see you are
not (quite) a DD yet. I'll have to ask Phil about direct access to the
box for you - it should be OK.

ok, after I prepare it.


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