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Re: Bug#399100: gcc-3.4: Library libgccl does not build

tags 399100 - patch

Jim Heck writes:
> Package: gcc-3.4
> Version: 3.4.6-4
> Severity: minor
> Tags: patch
> When building gcc-3.4 the libgcc1 library is not being generated.  This 
> is because in debian/rules.defs, the 'with_libgcc' target is defined to be
> with_libgcc := yes
> ... (and later)
> with_libgcc := built from gcc-4.0 sources
> This will prevent the library from being added as a dependency of the 
> build later on.  
> Without the libgccl library, the other packages built from source 
> cannot be installed.  I ran into this problem building cross 
> compilers, so the dependency was not immediately satisfied by my 
> host gcc-4.1 install.  Unless there is a specific reason why the 
> libgccl library built as part of gcc-3.4 should not be used, shouldn't 
> it be built by default? 

No. Our libgcc1 is built by gcc-4.1.  If you want to send a patch,
then it has to be for the cross build, not for the normal build.

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