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em_make and emlocale updates

It should now be possible to use em_make and emlocale to put the basic
emdebian framework (composite method) into place in any Debian package.

apt-get source package
cd package-version/
<patch debian/rules>
dpkg-buildpackage -a$arch -rfakeroot ....

CDBS packages are my next task - writing a CDBS makefile that only does
what we need and ignores the rest.

Then I'll be able to automate at least some of the debian/rules changes
needed in em_make and start on a script to help with $arch.cache files.

emlocale is quite resource-hungry right now, it seems to spend too much
time in loops. I hope to fix this in due course but if anyone has some
insight . . .

Then, when these components are working, a wrapper can be done that
ties them together and patches debian/rules before doing any dpkg- work.

I've built libglib2.0-0 locally (but I've got issues with the unwanted
HTML docs still being packaged) and I've packaged libqof1 (which uses
CDBS) but also need to optimise that.

I've attached the debian/rules patch I'm using for libglib2.0-0 - in
case someone can see what is going wrong between em_make and
debian/rules. Until the wrapper is ready, remember to patch
debian/rules *before* running dpkg-buildpackage and don't put the
attached patch into debian/patches (or dpkg will try to repatch
debian/rules and fail).


Neil Williams

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