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prototype em_make script

Another part of emdebian-tools is taking shape.

em_make is an emdebian equivalent for dh_make and uses some
of the same code. em_make will be part of the emdebian-tools
package but until that is ready, some parts of em_make may
require explicit paths to be specified so em_make does not
use these calls currently.

em_make depends on devscripts, debhelper and apt-cross. The packaged
apt-cross v0.0.3 has a bug that is fixed in SVN which would otherwise
cause problems with em_make. Existing installations of apt-cross should
be updated by building a new package from current SVN - or simply:
sudo cp /path/to/svn/apt-cross /usr/bin

em_make is intended to be run within a Debian source package
directory, such as created by 'apt-get source'.

It is intended to be run only *once* when the upstream Debian package
is first 'emdebianised'. Subsequent updates will make the required
changes using the .diff.gz - just specify the emN version to apt-get
source once the emdebian package is uploaded.
$ apt-get source foo=1.2.3em1


1. Calculate an emdebian versionstring for a new emdebian release.
2. Call debchange to insert this entry into debian/changelog.
3. Parse debian/control (or debian/control.in if it exists)
	a) Truncates all debian/*.doc-base.* files.
	b) Removes all package descriptions that end in -doc from

Once packaged, em_make will call 'emlocale -u' at this stage to add
data to debian/control to handle separate packages for each translation.

When using em_make prior to packaging, use:
$ /path/to/emlocale -u
to implement this operation.


1. emlocale needs improvement - it needs to create .files content in
2. Interface with emdebian svn to store the changes to the package.
3. Omit other doc type files from the packaging
4. A method to detect and override settings to run ./configure tests.

BTW: on 4, the option no_tests, does that relate to ./configure tests
(which are failing on my system due to me cross-compiling the package)
or does it relate to 'make check' tests?

Building the modified package

em_make only does so much - many packages will require manual editing of
debian/rules or other files to make a usable emdebian package.

If there are regular edits required, em_make can be improved to
automate them.

Once the emdebian changes can be stored in svn, a further script may be
required to patch downloaded sources with emdebian changes (for shared
emdebian maintenance). Other packages can be built just by specifying
the emdebian .dsc file to dpkg-source.


Neil Williams

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