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Re: DebConf7

On 2006-11-16 19:51 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> Registration is now open for DebConf7, which will take place in
> Edinburgh from Sunday 17 to Saturday 23 June 2007. Now that  
> arrangements for DebConf7 are open [1] - what are emdebian plans?
> I'm definitely planning on attending and I dare say others on this list  
> will too. I know Wookey attended DebConf6 - who else was able to  
> attend? 

nchip, Ed Bartosh, P2. We are likely to have quite a few more for a
european debconf.

> Can we arrange to make a presentation at DebConf7 about Emdebian in the  
> hope that we'll actually have a distribution available around that  
> time? (June).

I think we should. Although we have had a talk at debconf 5 and a BOF
(which was more like a talk due to the venue) at debconf 6. But it
remains an important issue covering various things that affect many
developers, and with useful developments so we need to keep people
informed. We will have to make a good case for having another talk,
but I think we can make that. 

Are you volunteering to do the speaking, or would you prefer someone
else to do that? (I don't mind being chief figurehead :-)

> I'm willing to make this my top priority in my Debian involvement until  
> DebConf7 - I do have a few quiet projects that will need updates during  
> that time but I have the time available (about two whole days each  
> week, plus other breaks) to do what is necessary to get at least ARM  
> supported by Emdebian in that timeframe.

That would be marvellous.

> Is this a pipedream? Is it realistic? 

It is (realistic) if we keep up the activity rate of the last few weeks.

> Specifically, what should we submit to DebConf regarding Emdebian?

That is a tricky question. Essentially a roundup of current activity.
I want to press the 'changes needed in debian' aspect, as well as
covering/showing what we've got so far.

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