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Re: emchain: Automated toolchain builder

On 13/11/06 12:25:53, Manuel Villar wrote:

As you've noticed, emchain is at an early stage!
(i.e. it worked for me and needs tweaking to make sure it works for others!)

    This is what I've tried:
*    Host machine: i386 (actually a dual core centrino based laptop).
*    Target machine: arm (an i.MX21 from freescale)
*    I've added to my sources.list a line for arm binaries.

No need for that. emchain uses your existing sources.list - we are only retrieving the source, after all.

*    I've hardcoded $arch=arm in the scripts (emchain, apt-cross) as
was unable to find which was the correct syntax in

configure is the wrong file - the default is usually set by dpkg-cross.

I'll investigate that. (I suspect it's easiest to just add some command line handling to emchain that allows the arch to be specified directly.)

For now:
cp /etc/dpkg-cross/cross-compile ~/.dpkg-cross
then edit ~/.dpkg-cross/cross-compile to set the default arch.

i.e. this is a hidden assumption arising from testing on a machine with a configured dpkg-cross.

*    I've moved both scripts to /usr/local/sbin

No need - I run it direct from the svn checkout location.

*    I've executed emchain -v: It builds binutils but fails compiling
gcc with a criptical message about incorrect/unmet build dependencies
(an apt-get build-dep gcc-4.1 gives no result).

Can you send me the exact error message and the last 10 or so lines before that? (off-list if you like).

Check that you have these installed:
apt-cross dpkg-cross fakeroot dpatch autoconf2.13
gawk flex realpath automake1.9 debhelper cdbs

This is a list from the toolchain webpage - when emchain is finally ready to be made into a package, these will be it's dependencies too. For now, whilst emchain is only in svn, it can't insist that these are available. If these fix your problem, I'll add that to the docs too.

apt-cross is available from my own repository:
deb http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/packages unstable main
deb-src http://www.linux.codehelp.co.uk/packages unstable main
as well as emdebian svn.


Neil Williams

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