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Re: emchain: Automated toolchain builder


    First of all thanks for all your work.
    I've tried to use emchain to build the toolchain but it has failed,
I've come accross some bugs I could solve myself but at the end it fails
while compiling gcc.
    This is what I've tried:
*    Host machine: i386 (actually a dual core centrino based laptop).
*    Target machine: arm (an i.MX21 from freescale)
*    I've added to my sources.list a line for arm binaries.
*    I've hardcoded $arch=arm in the scripts (emchain, apt-cross) as I
was unable to find which was the correct syntax in
*    I've moved both scripts to /usr/local/sbin
*    I've created a new dir for emchain operations in $HOME/emchain and
changed there
*    I've executed emchain -v: It builds binutils but fails compiling
gcc with a criptical message about incorrect/unmet build dependencies
(an apt-get build-dep gcc-4.1 gives no result).

Any ideas on where to move from here?


Neil Williams escribió:
> http://buildd.emdebian.org/repos/tools/emchain/
> emchain implements the EmdebianSlind toolchain build process for
> the latest versions of gcc, binutils and libc. To build toolchains
> for older compilers, see the Emdebian website: www.emdebian.org
> emchain uses dpkg-cross and apt-cross to determine the latest
> versions of toolchain packages, downloads the source for each missing
> package, builds the package using EmdebianSlind options and commands,
> then installs the cross-built packages and toolchain packages.
> (emchain therefore requires 'sudo').
> emchain needs to be run from a consistent working directory so that it
> can check if it needs to download any new versions. I will look at a
> command for emchain to set and change to this location in future
> versions.
> buildcross is for developers who may need more than one version of gcc
> available for cross-building.
> emchain is intended for automated chroot builds along the lines of
> pbuilder.
> In a pbuilder chroot (e.g. amd64 native), only gcc-4.1 is available.
> When I run pdebuild it is gcc-4.1 that gets called (or whatever is the
> current Debian default). emchain reflects this situation: it looks for
> the current Debian compiler as would be used on the buildd itself.
> ## Pseudo-code:
> ## In each case, version numbers are always reset to the current
> Debian ones.
> # $ apt-get source gcc-3.4 binutils libc
> # $ cd binutils-2.17
> # $ TARGET=arch-linux fakeroot debian/rules binary-cross (replace arch
> by arm, alpha,...)
> # dpkg -i built-package
> # apt-cross -i libdb1-compat libc6 libc6-dev linux-kernel-headers
> # $ export GCC_TARGET=$arch
> # $ cd gcc-3.4-3.4.2
> # $ debian/rules control
> # $ dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot
> i.e. the method from "Building your own" at
> http://www.emdebian.org/tools/crosstools.html
> emchain can be easily automated - it is intended to work with cron-apt
> so that as soon as a new toolchain package reaches the main Debian
> archive, the cross-built toolchain can be updated.
> Future versions will incorporate this behaviour so that if an update
> is needed, the cross-built packages can be removed after cron-apt runs
> 'apt-get update', 'apt-get upgrade' is therefore allowed to complete
> normally (because the new Debian versions will require the removal of
> the cross-built emdebian packages) and then emchain run again to get,
> build and install the updated cross-built toolchain. In this manner,
> it should take a maximum of 48hrs for emdebian toolchains to update
> after the availability of updated packages in Debian.
> By doing it all via cron we could gain:
> 1) Transparent updates of the toolchains, dictated by Debian updates.
> 2) email notification, via cron, of any failure messages
> 3) ability to use emchain on the buildd itself.
> I'll dput my latest amd64 builds to the emdebian repository later.
> -- 
> Neil Williams
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