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Re: cross-get script

On 28/10/06 23:19:21, Neil Williams wrote:
> >One thing that strikes me straight away is to remove the need to
> >specify a mirror each time. If it's to be apt-cross it should use
> >/etc/apt/sources.list IMHO along with the usual version handling.

OK, an update. I've got a perl version that uses the sources listed in /etc/apt/sources.list but it's not yet fully usable.

Code so far is attached.

$ perl cross-get.pl --verbose --get libqof1 pilot-qof
Arch:     arm
Suite:    unstable
Package:  libqof1
Package:  pilot-qof
Filename: pilot-qof_0.1.1-3_arm.deb
Mirror:   ftp://mirror.ox.ac.uk/debian/
Filename: libqof1_0.7.1-3_arm.deb
Mirror:   ftp://mirror.ox.ac.uk/debian/

The remaining conversions are included as comments - I'll look at those tomorrow. Currently, the perl script requires the original bash script to have been run for the arch, suite and mirror required.


Neil Williams

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