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Re: cross-get script

On 23/10/06 03:12:10, Wookey wrote:
One thing that has been missing from debian for easy cross-building
is a simple way to download non-native packages in order to feed them to dpkg-cross. I got very bored of having to run up a browser and look at packages.debian.org for the right suite and arch to find the actual deb name and package version and then use wget to get that.

(I'd wondered about that round-a-bout process.)

which lets you do
cross-get <package> [arch] [suite] [mirror]

By suite, you mean experimental/unstable/testing/stable?

There is plenty of room for improvement (it should take defaults from
/etc/dpkg-cross/ config), it could have much smarter command-line
processing etc. Perhaps it should be written in perl and be combined
into dpkg-cross.

Perl sounds good to me.

If it got a bit smarter and could check and optionally get
dependencies too then it could become apt-cross - that is a miuch
bigger job, I think.

One that I'd be glad to add to my ToDo list . . .

One thing that strikes me straight away is to remove the need to specify a mirror each time. If it's to be apt-cross it should use
/etc/apt/sources.list IMHO along with the usual version handling.

So I hereby preseent v0.1 which solves my basic problem, and
thus should be useful to others for that reason.

I'll check it into debian-embedded svn tomorrow.

I'll start on it after Expo - unless anyone else wants to do it too...


Neil Williams

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