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Re: amd64 to arm

Hello Neil,

On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 22:22 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> I've been looking at various situations to compile a GPE application  
> (together with an established Debian library package) for my iPAQ  
> HP3900 to complete the testing prior to initial release of the GPE  
> utility.
> All the work I can find relies on having an x86 machine - all the  
> binaries are i386 and even the source builds seem to either not work on  
> amd64 or indicate a need for x86 elsewhere in the docs.
> What are my chances of compiling for ARM on amd64?

I don't know if there currently still are problems on 64-bit Linuxes as
I switched back to 32-bit a whole long time ago as I did not really
found any advantage in the 64-bit mode, and it solved the cross-compile
problems I had back then. I suppose that by now it will be okay.

> Once the cross-compilation toolchain is installed, will it have any  
> effect on building the rest of my packages? Stag seems to have  
> debhelper 4.2 but most of my packages now depend on debhelper >= 5.

To be honest Stag is not really maintained anymore as lack of time and
other problems took over.. It has more become an outdated proof of
concept, where parts have been taken over in other similar projects also
listed on the emdebian pages.

> I do have an i386 machine that I could use but it's not as fast as the  
> amd64 but it does have Debian Etch. Will I still be able to create i386  
> packages that depend on debhelper >= 5 once the toolchain is installed  
> on that box?

Well that was/is the idea anyway.

> My iPAQ is now running Familiar 0.84 and GPE 2.7. Even if I get them  
> working, can Stag or Scratchbox compile a binary that I can copy across  
> to the iPAQ and install? 

Normally you should be able to do that as long as the cross-compiler you
use uses about the same optimisations etc... as the one used on

> Or do I have to do the compilation via  
> openembedded and the Familiar build?

Well that would be the recommended approach as that is the way people
usually try out there GPE stuff. Especially because building all the
necessary components it depends on can be a pain sometimes. However
there should be an SDK somewhere too. I just can't remember just where
it is and in which state it is

> How "standard" are cross-compiled ARM packages? Is it "one package for  
> all HP3900", "one package for all ARM" or .... ?

Well again that depends on the compiler they were compiled with. For
HP3900 binaries it should work on most. But remember that these days you
even have ARM cpu specific optimisations, thumb and EABI aupport in the
cross-compiler/kernels that makes combining binaries rather difficult.

Hope this helps you,


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