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amd64 to arm

I've been looking at various situations to compile a GPE application (together with an established Debian library package) for my iPAQ HP3900 to complete the testing prior to initial release of the GPE utility.

All the work I can find relies on having an x86 machine - all the binaries are i386 and even the source builds seem to either not work on amd64 or indicate a need for x86 elsewhere in the docs.

What are my chances of compiling for ARM on amd64?

Once the cross-compilation toolchain is installed, will it have any effect on building the rest of my packages? Stag seems to have debhelper 4.2 but most of my packages now depend on debhelper >= 5.

I do have an i386 machine that I could use but it's not as fast as the amd64 but it does have Debian Etch. Will I still be able to create i386 packages that depend on debhelper >= 5 once the toolchain is installed on that box?

I'm also still a little confused about the various formats and toolchains.

My iPAQ is now running Familiar 0.84 and GPE 2.7. Even if I get them working, can Stag or Scratchbox compile a binary that I can copy across to the iPAQ and install? Or do I have to do the compilation via openembedded and the Familiar build?

How "standard" are cross-compiled ARM packages? Is it "one package for all HP3900", "one package for all ARM" or .... ?


Neil Williams

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