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Re: dpkg-checkbuilddeps wrapper proposal

> Hello.
> Recently, while thinking about build-depends problems we are all familar
> with, I came up with the following idea: what if all of the packages we
> intend to cross-compile
> would have a special control-like file in debian/, which would have
> build-depends
> in a way we need them, that is, Host-Build-Depends for those packages
> that should
> be present on host as is (such as flex, bison, whatever), and
> Target-Build-Depends
> for those packages that should be present on host dpkg-crossed.

I don't yet know what do I think about this - bit I'd like to mention
inconsistency in usage oh 'host'/'target'/'build' words.

In GNU cross-compile setup 'build' is where build is being run, 'host' is
where build result will run, and 'target' is what this result copmiles for
(so 'target' is applicable only to build tools).

We already have *_DEB_HOST_YPE and *_DEB_BUILD_TYPE vars that follow this
convention. Maybe still follow it in your var names?

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