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Re: etch will be released with broken cross-compiler builds?

On 7/25/06, Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@debian.org> wrote:
Looks that there is only a week left before toolchain freeze for etch.
After that, cross-building patches will probably not be applied to debian
gcc and related packages.
And we did not fix the toolchain building for all (gcc version, target)
Considering the fact that the cross patch for binutils was accepted
just a couple of months ago, you might as well say that
cross-toolchains were always broken in debian.

However, it's possible to change the situation. I do have gcc 4.1
toolchains working fine here in slind atm, except for one thing: the
amount of changes that I've done to the build scripts is rather huge
and porting things back might be an uneasy task. Well, I'll try and
see what I can do before toolchain freeze.

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