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Re: how to make a *working* base filesystem?

Martin Guy wrote:
I created sarge filesystem (for arm) with debootstrap on a x86 machine.
A quick investigation showed that I don't have passwd/group/shadow files.

For me it worked ok, using
   debootstrap --foreign etc etc etc
then booting that with kernel option init=/bin/sh to run
   /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage.

debootstrap doesn't seem to have the "--second-stage" option:

# debootstrap --second-stage
I: usage: [OPTION]... <suite> <target> [<mirror> [<script>]]
I: Try `debootstrap --help' for more information.
E: You must specify a suite and a target.

# debootstrap --help
Usage: debootstrap [OPTION]... <suite> <target> [<mirror> [<script>]]
Bootstrap Debian base system.

      --arch                 set the target architecture (use if no dpkg)
                               [ --arch powerpc ]
--download-only download packages, but don't perform installation
      --print-debs           print the packages to be installed, and exit
      --unpack-tarball       acquire .debs from a tarball instead of http
      --boot-floppies        used for internal purposes by boot-floppies
      --debian-installer     used for internal purposes by debian-installer
      --help                 display this help and exit
--include=A,B,C adds specified names to the list of base packages
      --exclude=A,B,C        removes specified packages from the list
      --verbose              don't turn off the output of wget
      --components=A,B,C     use packages from the listed components of the
      --variant=X            use variant X of the bootstrap scripts
                             (currently supported variants: buildd)

Tomasz Chmielewski

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