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Re: architecture naming discussion

Alexander Shishckin wrote:

On 4/27/06, Pjotr Kourzanov <peter.kourzanov@xs4all.nl> wrote:
well, I am currently playing with these now:

glibc: arm{,v4,v5te}-eabi, strongarm, xscale,
uclibc: arm-uclibc, i386-uclibc and mipsel-uclibc.

and they are all linux, yes, but supposing that one day we will
want to look at uclinux or freebsd I see that the kernel must be
explicitly mentioned since then i386-uclibc (or uclibc-i386 for
that matter) might mean either linux, uclinux or *BSD. And in
that case, the $libc-$cpu order loses since $kernel-$cpu is already
claimed by hurd- and kfreebsd- architectures.
I thought 3/4 of these kernels are pretty mouldy and/or starting to smell.
But anyway, it would be great if finally someone ends up with a
complete implementation of this idea. I'll be having hard times
merging those with what I have now, but that's solely my problem.

What this approach does not solve is this (mentioned a couple of mails
ago): how do I fit ARMs and fpu-enabled ARMs in this scheme? Those are
clearly two different architectures. And I can imagine a dozen of such
FPU is a CPU-related thing, so it should be part of $cpu I think.
For ARM OABI this means having separate $cpu architectures
for: arm (hard-float), arm-softfloat (soft-float), arm-vfp (softfp),
arm-iwmmxt and whatnot.

rather minor but pretty unpleasant things. I would trade any
hurd/uclinux/openbsd stuff for a proper solution to this problem.
Isn't ARM EABI a solution to this? The discussion on a proper name
for "arm-eabi" (which is my preference) is still ongoing, but it seems
that most likely armel/armeb will be chosen (where "e" is for EABI
and "l"/"b" is for little/big endian).

With minor patches to dpkg{,-cross}, config.sub and debian/rules
this is all pretty much workable though...

Otherwise if it says uclibc-i386, your kernel is linux and libc is

why? the kernel might be uclinux or freebsd.
Ah, but you forgot that I take linux for the default kernel. :)
I didn't forget about kfreebsd-i386-uclibc which in your case would
be kfreebsd-uclibc-i386.

I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.

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