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[ExtremaduraWorkSession] Event is almost over

Hello everyone,

  ExtremaduraWorkSession is almost over and we had really good times here.
  Organization, i believe, it has been very good, thanks for Extremadura people - http://www.linex.org/ -.

  I'll try to resume some of the work we have been doing, for all of you that could not come.

  About Scratchbox2, lots of good and nice features are coming up, probably by summer time, sbox people have been working hard here.

  About Stage and Slind distribution, developers have been discussing some points and trying to unify their efforts.

  We have been discussing about toolchain builds.

  We have also called a name for arm-eabi architecture, it's name will be *armel*.

  A lot of work is going to be done to Qemu.

  For all developers that are here, that contributed to Emdebian project, that hasn't contribute to Emdebian project, that are thinking on contributing to Emdebian project, for all of them thanks for everything.

  I remind you that you still can use debian-embedded list, personal mails, wiki page, IRC to comunicate to each other and keep in sync as well as webpage.

  Feel free to add any comment or correction.

Thanks to all,
  Embedded Debian - emdebian.org -

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